The beginnings of Experience Design Lab

XD Lab was born out of our passion for Design (capitalization is my own). We are designers first and foremost. We wanted to challenge the seemingly tacit agreement that product features trump the experiences people have with those products. That the internet belongs behind a flat two-dimensional screen. That because ROI attribution models are outmoded so must be our brand experiences. That UX is the science of drop down navigation menus. That last one is a fun one if you want to watch a few designer heads explode.

It was our obsession with all things tech (Internet of Things, Internet of Industrial Things, multi-screen ecosystems, hours spent debating the mobile app vs. responsive, Arduino DIY culture, haptics, heuristics, conductive ink for sketching circuit boards on the back of a napkin, agile development and lean startup methodologies) that coerced us away from big agency life. We saw a need in the marketplace and received more support than we deserved from like minded folks. Before we knew it, Experience Design Lab was born.

Like any newly formed company, we were hungry for clients. Although the bulk of our cumulative work experience was working with large enterprise organizations, our inboxes began filling up with start ups and recently acquired lines of business. We quickly realized the eagerness to adopt XD methodologies was with the more agile businesses. That’s not to say there wasn’t large enterprise appetite, it was simply a lack of marketplace maturity. We have since developed our product stacks to tailor the breadth of XD’s services to startups and enterprises alike. These days the momentum of XD has seen a sizable shift to the large enterprise structure. The best of these companies are moving like never before to reimagine and redesign their complex ecosystems to lead the way through the vast new landscape of emerging technology. Experience Design Lab is right there with them.