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XD for Internal Teams

Yes, they are paid to be there but core team experience matters. It speaks directly to efficiency, and their efficiency directly impacts your bottom line. Whether you are a new company, a new line of business, or your current infrastructure sprawl has become unwieldy, there are many infrastructure additions and improvements that will ignite the productivity of your employees and contractors alike. We’ve made a ton of mistakes in choosing the proper information architecture and utility stack. Through these mistakes, we’ve fostered key partnerships with who we believe to be the best at providing critical infrastructure for any organization.

Our goal is to get you up and running and capable of managing your organization’s infrastructure on your own. It’s an all too common story: you’ve dedicated time and resources to vet an impossible list of technology providers, you’ve sat through the demos and sales pitches that promise to do everything for everyone and wound up having to hire a 3rd party vendor (or worse, professional services) because they are the only ones that can actually use the tool you just bought. Googling “Best CMS”, “Scalable Hosting”, “Cheap Marketing Automation” is not a viable strategy.

We are serious nerds when it comes to this stuff. We’ve incubated architectures for companies that range from 2 person design shops, to large scale decentralized work forces. It’s a daunting task for any organization to balance costs efficiency, feature bloat, and scale right out the gate. There is no magic bullet. It takes exploration and asking the hard questions that get to the heart of your company’s core objectives. Not too mention the reams of documentation and training hours. If it sounds like a lot of hard work, well it is. We’ve just done it enough times to be smart in our approach and reap gains on efficiency and speed.

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