Experience Optimization

A/B Testing that actually works

How do you improve your business without starting over?

You have heard about A/B testing, and you know it can benefit your business. But how do you begin, what do you change, why do change anything, when do you stop, how do you act, and what did you learn? These are just some of the questions we love to solve.

Introducing Experience Optimization (EO), a monthly service that combines analytics and A/B testing. The EO package is designed to give you a clearer understanding of how your website/application is used and perceived from the customer’s perspective. This data-driven, analytic first approach to understanding your customer’s user experience allows for actionable insights and is aimed at improving conversion. The EO package has been proven to increase sales, improve form conversion, increase brand awareness, gain efficiencies in media spends, and accelerate lead generation.

“Changing a Button Increased a Site’s Annual Revenues by $300 Million”: JARED M. SPOOL (http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com/)

How the Experience Optimization process works.

On a monthly basis, we will collect web and behavioral data to explore usage trends. We will use this data to form hypotheses and A/B tests that will deliver statistically significant improvements. We document everything in a reporting feed that includes our experimentation and findings. You will have full access to the reporting feed, and we will meet with you one-on-one for a detailed read out; meetings are typically on a monthly basis, but we are happy to schedule more frequent meetings depending on your needs. During our discussion we will also go over planned tests for the following month.

Some of the things we cover

  • Visits and traffic sources
  • Campaign performance
  • Content performance
  • Interface analysis
  • A/B testing strategies
  • Offer comparisons
  • Promotion attribution
  • Conversion rate (% of site/campaign visitors who purchase)
  • AOV (average value of order)
  • RPV (revenue per visitor)
  • Checkout and Buyer-path analysis (UI/UX analysis)
  • Add to cart rate
  • Product page views
  • Category page views
  • Suggestive selling performance

The benefits of Experience Optimization

The benefits of Experience Optimization reach beyond simply conversion and revenue. The reporting feed and ongoing optimization discussions have the added benefit of creating a Mastermind Group that has its finger on the pulse of your business. Debates between designers and brand strategists are resolved with data backed insights. Your site is improved on an iterative basis keeping your brand fresh even as moods and user behavior change over time. We’ve seen a 60% increase in the accuracy of revenue projections now that they are based on relevant data models.

Some of the benefits

  • Analytic documentation and campaign history
  • Trend spotting and analysis
  • Decreased form abandonment
  • Increased conversion
  • KPI planning
  • Better user experience
  • Site strategy
  • Iterative site improvements


The basic EO package starts at $2,000 per month. This is good for sites that have 10-20 pages and 10k to 40k in visitor traffic. If you don’t already have Google Analytics, we will set up that account and profile up for you. We will use our own analytic tools for additional things like A/B testing, SEO analysis, and heatmaps - those costs are included.

All plans include:

  • GA setup and analysis
  • 2-3 A/B tests
  • 1 Monthly reporting wrap up
  • 1 one-on-one reporting session
  • Use of our in-house analytic tools

For enterprises and large ecommerce sites, we will conduct several discovery meetings to tailor a custom EO package the supports the more complex business requirements.

Let us know if you are interested in hearing more about our Experience Optimization product.


What kind of site do I need?

You need a decent amount of traffic and a fairly established digital presence. Too little traffic and A/B testing is much harder to draw statistical relevance. A/B tests will require a 95% confidence before we can accurately declare a winning variation. You need to be prepared to release control – the biggest successes come to those who are willing to try big changes. Of course there are plenty of small wins out there too to drive improvement, but ultimately you want to figure out what really drives your businesses success.

Is it a complicated setup?

No, most of the scripts or tags that we add to the site can be integrated in a matter of minutes. Depending on our arrangement, we can directly assist on implementation or work with your web team. For A/B tests, most tests can be deployed without involving your web team; however, larger tests that dramatically alter the html layout or formatting will require web team implementation.

How many months do I have to sign up for?

The EO package is a monthly service, but we think at a minimum you need to budget 3/months of service to know if EO works for your site.

I’m not ready for a monthly service. Do you provide consulting?

Yes. For business owners, who love to get a brass tacks professional analysis of their business, we have an Experience Assessment report. In this report, we will analyze your current assets and provide you with a series of suggested implementations from UI best practices, user flow analysis, initial impressions and even spelling corrections. Better yet, if you like your EA report we will deduct that cost from your first month of service.