Why a Multi-Layered Defense is Best

In today’s constantly evolving threat landscape, there is simply no substitute for a multi-layered, proactive, honed defense. Attackers are endlessly inventive in their tactics, and they can quickly find new ways to break through known defenses. Companies are taking notice. Although signature-based anti-virus still tops the currently-in-use technologies list in the Cyber Edge survey, the year-to-year results show its hold in that position is slipping.1

In reality, an effective endpoint security solution—one you can trust—will keep your network, desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices secure. And it will go a step further to integrate with other solutions that analyze malicious or suspicious behavior to deliver multi-layered protection.

Beyond basic antivirus protection, organizations need extended firewalls, IPS solutions, resilient backups, and advanced protection technologies that stop threats at various stages of execution and work together to build a nearly impenetrable wall of defense. The right solution will include proactive protection to eliminate advanced persistent threats, block botnet communications, provide security for cloud applications, and protect against various types of vulnerabilities on different levels.

CVE exploits that are commonplace in a networked environment should be guarded against. Endpoint security solutions should automatically remove threats—with preconfigured policies that enable “set it and forget it” protection. When necessary, they can integrate the insights of experienced human malware analysts, who can prevent the poor feedback loops of machine-learning algorithms. A good solution will be one with a high rate of detections with nearly no false positives. This kind of protection meets attackers whenever they strike, and more importantly, however they strike.

There are a handful of vendors in the endpoint security industry that have been creating next-generation technologies for over 25 years. They have the insight and experience in creating and refining proactive protection technologies in a constantly evolving threat landscape that can only be gained over time.

A well-designed, multi-layer endpoint security solution can also meet the needs of organizations by:

  • Minimally impacting machines
  • Eliminating threats before they infiltrate the system
  • Updating periodically, only as needed, to sap fewer network resources
  • Enabling deployment to multiple endpoints

Endpoint security vendors need to refine constantly—both reactively and proactively—to provide effective solutions, adding different layers such as advanced heuristic analysis and in-product sandboxing to detect and block modern malware. The right vendor can be crucial to deploying effective protection in today’s threat environment.