ESET Solutions for Multi-Layered Security

Malware and viruses have evolved—and you need an anti-virus solution that can constantly evolve with the ever-changing landscape. Defending against legions of attackers requires a strong history of detection and a low rate of false positives. Smarter threats require smarter security measures.

To protect your computers, network, laptops and mobile devices on today’s cyber battlefield, organizations need a proactive, multi-layered defense that has evolved over years of battling attackers who are constantly finding new ways to exploit code and applications to steal your data.

ESET’s multilayered protection methods are constantly evolving to address the challenges of today’s—and tomorrow’s—malware, while maintaining the light footprint that frees up IT resources for other projects.

For example, the underlying technology of ESET’s scanning engine has its roots in traditional solutions, but it’s been greatly extended and enhanced and is constantly being developed to cover modern threats. The scanning engine identifies possible malware and makes automated decisions about the likelihood of whether a piece of malware is malicious using cutting-edge secure native code execution by binary translators. This automated processing allows for an instant response to new threat detection, while processing of samples by detection engineers—real people—is crucial for assuring the highest quality detection rate and a low number of false positives.

The best strategy for comprehensive protection is implementing multilayered security. These recommended layers of security include:

  • Endpoint Security: Proactive protection secures dozens or thousands of endpoints across multiple platforms and locations, blocking viruses, ransomware, phishing attempts and more. ESET Remote Administrator enables management from a single console.
  • Encryption: Secure data encryption is a powerful tool for protecting confidential data. Encrypting data protects unauthorized access caused by hacking, weak passwords, lost or stolen mobile devices and removable media, unsecured email, and more.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Safeguards your company against costly data breaches with powerful two-factor authentication, using an employee's smartphone and a one-time password.
  • Server Security: Protects your company servers by eliminating all types of threats, including phishing attempts and spyware.
  • Mail Security: Eliminates all types of email-borne threats and unsolicited emails, with optimized filtering that leaves more processing power for server tasks and enables spam rules to be set up according to your own parameters.
  • Mobile Security: Protects your mobile workforce against all forms of threats. Restricts employee mobile device usage with application control. In case of lost or stolen devices, track, lock, or erase to keep data out of the wrong hands.
  • SharePoint Security: Multi-layered protection includes real-time defense of your SharePoint database and the host server farm, the ability to block unauthorized downloads and uploads, and the option to add ESET Remote Administrator for single console management.
  • StorageCraft Backup and Recovery:Backs up your organization’s entire Windows environment and provides data, applications, and systems recovery for physical and virtual environments. StorageCraft helps you recover anytime, anywhere, from any situation and is essential to your business continuity plan.

Count on ESET to deliver ongoing, innovation-based experience for the ultimate defense in today’s cyber battlefield.


For over 25 years, ESET has been a pioneer in the field of heuristic detection. We protect more than 110 million businesses, governments and consumers around the world with technology that predicts emerging viruses and allows us to create defenses before they do any damage.

Built on proven methods but enhanced with constantly updated cutting edge technologies, our solutions are easy to manage and minimize false positives, so IT resources are freed up to focus on other projects. With a light footprint that doesn’t bog down computers and systems, our solutions allow your IT system to do what it was meant to do: Increase end-user productivity.

Protection is in our DNA. That’s the heart of the ESET advantage.

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