It’s not an either/or world. It’s about finding the right platform for each app, workload, and service. Hybrid IT gives you the best of both cloud and on-premises IT.

You’ll likely need help planning, developing, and implementing your new IT environment. A trusted partner can help you build a hybrid infrastructure based on your specific needs. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and our partners offer a variety of products and services to help small and mid-sized companies transition to a hybrid IT infrastructure. These include HPE Just Right IT products solutions, as well as financial and technical services—which are sized right for your business to handle many workloads for both on-premises and hybrid IT environments. With HPE Just Right IT, your business can find success with limited resources, staff and budget.

Our cloud technology consultants and managed services experts provide the support you need to deploy a robust, open infrastructure, along with a hybrid environment that scales with business needs and boosts ROI. Our cloud solutions deliver IT services and apps quickly on a proven, open-source platform, giving you the agility to respond to fast-changing business demands. With our integrated system, you get compute, storage, networking, and software in one converged IT system, allowing you to leverage new and existing technology investments, reduce system integration costs, and improve cloud storage capabilities.

Whether you’re just getting started, building momentum or planning expansions, HPE and our local channel partners have feature-rich products, solutions, and services right sized and affordable for your business, designed with IT generalists in mind.

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