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Gotransverse is an enterprise SaaS platform & API for companies that need to automate complex billing processes. goTransverse powers the subscription and usage-based economy – picture the on-demand subscription models of AWS (servers, ram, cpu, storage) and Uber (mileage, surge pricing, corporate discounts), etc... Now picture the complexity of billing, managing, and monetizing those offerings.

goTransverse solved the enterprise billing problem with an elegant app. We started talking with them in early 2017 to see how we could help with refining their messaging, activating brand content, and expanding their marketing reach.

  • Marketing Programs
  • Interactive Content
  • Content Planning
  • Paid Media
  • Marketo | Salesforce
  • Landing Pages
  • Email
  • Conversion

The Ask

With a product redesign already in progress, we got to work to refresh the brand. We sought to echo the overwhelming helpfulness and approachability of the expert staff at goTransverse (many with decades of experience in enterprise billing). We wanted to soften the edges, so to speak, to present a brand that solves problems, with a platform that is easy to use—A friendly genius. We then put some much needed manpower behind it to bolster their marketo, salesforce, and web production capabilities and began developing marquee content. We planned awareness and lead gen strategies and executed paid media campaigns and employed conversion optimization efforts with realtime reporting.

The Results Keep Rolling In

In a matter of months, demo requests spiked to historic highs. By every engagement metric available, performance was off the charts and won opportunities (read revenue) followed.

With the creation of over 25 landing pages with corresponding emails, ebooks, infographics, articles, whitepapers, and hundreds of display and text ads, the content pipeline has become the primary opportunity driver.

We Ship Marketing

This phrase as become somewhat of guiding axiom here at XD Lab. While other (admittedly, larger agencies) churn cycle after cycle on decks, and presentations, and pontificate on which color the button on the form should be, and which "nurture track" the contact will go down if they click on this or that link... We are shipping marketing to real users, to real buyers, to real people. We build in code. We prototype early. We get to market faster. By listening to the end-users, and staying glued to the analytic platforms, we learn in realtime from real data. Based on those learnings, marketing becomes an iterative process that is fast to pivot by revising content and strategies in realtime. This iterative approach is cost-effective, and more importantly increases conversion time and time again.

Next Up

Marketing Technology

Full service design, implementation and training of marketing automation platforms, integrations, and execution.

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